Scientists Say

Whales evolved from long-jawed land mammals known as mesonychids that entered the ocean in pursuit of a fish dinner.   This transition took place over millions of years.

Problems With That Answer

Living organisms are separated into different kinds by the genetic code found in every one of their cells.   That blueprint for life, encoded in tens of thousands of genes, defines all species.   It is what makes us human instead of chimpanzees.

In six thousand years of recorded history no one has ever witnessed the birth of a new species.   It is a genetic impossibility.   Animals can only reproduce their own kind.   Hybrid offspring like a mule are always born sterile.   Animals can not change one gene through actions or behavior.   Time spent in the air, on land, or in water will have no impact on genes.   Four-legged mammals do not give birth to aquatic adapted species simply because they spend time playing in water.

So how do scientists explain the changes to a genome that is required to create a new species?   They claim it is all the result of random genetic mutations.   The mathematical probability that random mutations gave rise to every species on earth, from water to land and back to the water again, is less than zero.   In fact, it is more likely that a bucket of ink and some paper in a whirlwind could produce the Encyclopedia Britannica, than it is for mutations to cause a single new species.   Genomes are predetermined at conception and unchangeable.

Granted, some small mutations or errors do occur over time as DNA splits and cells divide.   However, these mutations result in disease and disorder.   Mutations are like defects in the code for Microsoft operating systems.   They never improve the system.

There is no fossil evidence that records the transition from a terrestrial hoofed mammal to over 78 known species of water bound whales, dolphins, and porpoises.   Scientist can point to only a few fossils of "fully marine" extinct mammals found in Pakistan and Egypt.   Two species, Pakicetus and Ambutlocestus, had well-developed hind limbs.   Two others, Rodhocetus and Basilosaurus had small legs but swam primarily with their broad tails.   It would take thousands of transitional species to get from mesonychids to present-day marine mammals.

Scientist want this to be taught as fact in our schools? Sorry, but this is the lamest story I have ever heard in defense of the theory of evolution.   I would expect it from the mouth of a three-year-old child.   But highly educated scientists are saying this whopper of a tale with a straight face.   How do you get from a four-legged mammal the size of a dog to a 400,000 pound whale measuring over 100 ft long, that can dive to over 1500ft, and hold its breath for over 75 minutes? This is not science.   Let's call it what it is.   Evolution is a religion for scientists with egos too large to accept a creator, and a crutch for nonbelievers.

"always learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth" 2 Timothy 3:7