Mormons Worship Many Gods

LDS apostle Orson Pratt: "If we should take a million of worlds like this and number their particles, we should find that there are more gods than there are particles of matter in those worlds."

Hyrum Smith, Joseph's brother: "Every star that we see is a world and is inhabited ... the Sun and Moon are inhabited, and the Stars ... are inhabited the same as the Earth."

Mormon apostle Bruce McConkie: "Church of the is modern Christianity in all its parts."

Second LDS President Brigham Young: "Adam is our Father and God."

Mormonism is a modern day pagan cult with doctrinal roots in the ancient Babylonian "Mystery" religions. Initiates into the cult are prepared to accept the same lie that deceived Eve in the Garden of Eden. The foundation for all pagan religions is a doctrine that deifies man and humanizes God.

The Mystery revealed in Mormonism is that Lucifer is a god and that mortals can also be exalted to godhood through works and bizarre temple rituals.

Like most pagan religions Mormons are polytheistic. They believe there are many gods and goddesses in the universe. They believe there is an endless cycle of gods fathering men, those men becoming gods, and so on and so on.

Mormon women look forward to eternal pregnancy and childbirth. As a goddess, they will live with a god and give birth to innumerable spirit children that will continue this man to god cycle.

Mormon men look forward to playing god over their own planet. They believe they will be gods with a body of flesh and blood. This will enable them to enjoy an eternity of physical relations with innumerable goddess wives. According to Mormonism there will be marriage and Polygamy in heaven. Gee, I wonder what the attraction is here for Mormon men?

A ticket to godhood requires initiation ceremonies performed in their temples. Mormons earn their salvation by learning secret Masonic handclasps called "Tokens." Access to their highest kingdom, the "Celestial Kingdom," and exhalation to godhood, requires use of these special handshakes in the afterlife.

However, this false religion is deceptively sold with a Christian label by the Utah based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). Don't be fooled by the "church talk." Mormonism is in direct opposition to Biblical Christianity.

An easy way to spot a pseudo Christian church like the LDS church is to compare it to the Gospel in the Holy Bible. Cults attack the accuracy of the Holy Bible because it has the ability to expose their false doctrine. Therefore, they usually generate their own scriptures (The Book of Mormon) to replace or add to the Holy Bible.

To support their view of salvation Mormons rewrite history by teaching that Jesus was a polygamist married to both Mary and Martha. They also teach that Jesus fathered several children. This is blasphemy and shows just how far apart Mormonism is from Christianity.

The founder of Mormonism, Joseph Smith Junior, even made up his own version of the Bible, never bothering to translate a single verse from the original Hebrew or Greek. Joseph even inserted additional verses into the 50th chapter of Geneses that prophesy of the coming of a "sear" named Joseph Junior (JST Genesis 50:33). Now isn't that convenient!

Legitimate Biblical prophecies regarding Joseph Smith Jr. do exist in scripture and they can be found under references to the coming of "false prophets" in the last days.

Mormonism exhibits all of the characteristics of a cult: non-Biblical doctrines and fictional scriptures, secret rituals and symbols, false prophets, false prophecy, closed-mindedness, dislike of the Biblical Christian message and the messenger, and blind adherence to LDS authority.

Treasure Hunter Becomes a False Prophet

State of New York vs Joseph Smith: "And thereupon the Court finds the defendant guilty." Joseph was convicted for "glass gazing" (fortune telling). This was an illegal in the 1820's.

LDS founder Joseph Smith Junior: "The moon is inhabited by people about six feet tall who dressed like Quakers and lived to be a thousand years old."

Joseph Smith Senior blessing Lorenzo Snow: "Thou shalt have power to translate thyself from one planet to another; and power to go to the moon"

A treasure hunter and fortune teller named Joseph Smith Junior officially founded the "Church of Christ" on April 6, 1830, in Fayette, New York. One month earlier he published the Book of Mormon (BOM); a novel of fictionalized history espousing the American Israelite theory common in the 1820s.

Joseph came from a large and very poor family. The Smith family dabbled in the occult, and were always looking for get rich quick schemes. The Smiths spent much of their time hunting for lost treasure. Joseph Jr. actually met his first and only legal wife while on a treasure hunting expedition looking for a lost Spanish mine.

Joseph Smith Senior proudly boasted of being a "Rodsmen" for over 30 years. Joseph's mother, a sister and a brother were all excommunicated from the local church. Joseph's 2nd cousin, Oliver Cowdery, also a "Rodsmen," would later use his background as a schoolteacher to help the illiterate Joseph pen his first novel the BOM.

After realizing he was on a fast track to nowhere Joseph Jr. decided to get out of the treasure hunting business and into the more lucrative business of religion. This revelation came after a conviction in court for bilking money out of people by claiming to locate treasure with a "peep stone".

With the help of his family Joseph was quickly transformed from a dreamer into a prophet. A prophet needs a resume so Joseph contrived visions and meetings with God, Jesus, the Apostles, and angels. These supposed visions and visitations were backdated over 8 years to as early as 1820. Of course no mention was ever made of them at the time.

The Smith family started spreading the news of these miraculous visitations around town as Joseph and Oliver started planning their new religion in the late 1820s.

Plagiarized Novels Found in Mormon Scripture

Mormon Historian B. H. Roberts: "Did Ethan Smith's View of the Hebrews furnish structural material for Joseph Smith's Book of Mormon? Not a few things merely, one or two, or a half dozen, but many; and it is this fact of many things of similarity and the cumulative force of them that makes them so serious a menace to Joseph Smith's story of the Book of Mormon origin."

BOM Witness David Whitmer: "If you believe my testimony to the Book of Mormon; if you believe that God spake to us three witnesses by his own voice, then I tell you that in June, 1838, God spake to me again by his own voice from the heavens, and told me to 'separate myself from among the Latter-day Saints, for as they sought to do unto me, so should it be done unto them.'

A Mr. Solomon Spalding was a key figure, although unknowingly, in the development of Mormonism. Mr. Spalding wrote several novels. One novel was called "Manuscript Found." Mr. Spalding left the only copy of this manuscript with a Mr. Patterson of R. & J. Patterson's Print Shop in Pittsburgh. Mr. Patterson reviewed the manuscript and agreed to publish it if Mr. Spalding would provide a title page and a preface.

Mr. Spalding moved out of the area but over time finished the preface and turned it over to Mr. Patterson. However, the manuscript was nowhere to be found. Mr. Spalding and several others at the Print Shop suspected a Mr. Sidney Rigdon of "borrowing" the manuscript. Mr. Rigdon was a writer wannabe with little talent. He hung around the Print Shop on Sundays when the boss was away. Witnesses testified seeing Mr. Rigdon working with the stolen manuscript at his house. However, Mr. Spalding died in 1816 and the matter was forgotten.

Mrs. Spalding and others familiar with Mr. Spalding's manuscript instantly recognized the Book of Mormon when it was published in 1830 as the missing manuscript from the Print Shop. The phrase "and it came to pass," which can be found hundreds of times in the BOM, is a phrase Mr. Spalding overused in both of his novels.

Sometime around 1824 Mr. Sidney Rigdon and Mr. Joseph Smith Jr. met and became friends. In 1827 Mr. Rigdon joined in the efforts to start a new religion by turning over the "borrowed" manuscript to Smith and Cowdrey. Mr. Rigdon stayed incognito in order to play the important role of ghostwriter and occasional heavenly visitor. Joseph was always trying to convince others that he was a real prophet. He frequently staged heavenly visitations to impress friends. Mr. Rigdon put on disguises to help Joseph pull off many a charade until his voice was recognized one day when he was pretending to be John the Baptist.

In addition to Manuscript Found, several other sources were used to write the Book of Mormon, including the King James Version of the Bible with the Apocrypha, Ethan Smith's View of the Hebrews, Josiah Priest's The Wonders of Nature, and the Westminster Confession and Catechisms.

The Book of Mormon is a novel plagiarized from many sources. Joseph Smith talked of buried plates written in an imaginary language that he called "reformed Egyptian," but that is pure fantasy invented to deceive the gullible.

He started the practice of polygamy in the LDS church in an attempt to gain approval for carrying on with dozens of women behind his wife's back. However, he was only legally married to one woman, and she never accepted his "vision" legitimizing his womanizing.

After getting involved in a Masonic Lodge Joseph Smith instituted Mormon temples and endowment rituals into the LDS religion. Parts of the Mormon Temple ceremonies are right out of Masonic and Occult handbooks.

The end came quickly for Mr. Smith when he was arrested for ordering the burning of a local anti-Mormon newspaper office. While in jail an angry mob stormed the building. Two six shooters had been smuggled in to the Mormons. Both Joseph and his brother Hyrum shot and killed several people in the pursuing gun battle. However both of the Smiths were also shot and killed. Joseph was shot as he attempted to jump to the ground from the jail's window ledge.

I can not justify the actions of an angry mob. However, I do believe justice was served. If Joseph Smith Jr. had lived in the time of ancient Israel he would have been stoned to death as a false prophet. Think about the millions of souls that this ignorant farm boy has led down the path to destruction, all because he wanted to be God.

When Joseph's body was examined a Jupiter Talisman, which is suppose to bring good luck to the wearer, was found around his neck. This is an item worn by those dabbling in the occult, and would never be found on a true prophet of God.

Brigham Young became the second President of the LDS church. He eventually moved the church to the state of Utah.

Joseph's wife Emma did not recognize the authority of Mr. Young so she started her own religion based on her husband's teachings.

Mr. Rigdon left the church when Brigham Young was chosen over him to take over the church. Sidney Rigdon never gave up his claim to be the true author of the Book of Mormon.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Cowdrey eventually requested that his name be taken off the membership rolls of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, stating that he was convinced that Solomon Spalding was the true source of the Book of Mormon.

Virtually all of the witnesses to the Book of Mormon were related to Joseph Smith, with the exception of one, and he provided the money for the first printing. To a person they would all admit that it was a big hoax, and they all eventually left the church.

"Book of Abraham" is a Proven Fraud

Isaac Hale, father-in-law of Joseph Smith: "The manner in which he pretended to read and interpret, was the same as when he looked for the money-diggers, with the stone in his hat, and his hat over his face, while the Book of Plates were at the same time in the woods!"

Mormonism stands or falls on the claim of Joseph Smith to be a prophet and translator of ancient text. There is no need to discuss the validity of Mormon doctrine. If it can be proven that Joseph Smith did not translate ancient text into the Mormon scriptures then all of Mormonism is founded on a lie.

Examination of the "golden plates" would be a perfect way for the LDS church to defend their faith, but they are no where to be found. However, another source document was discovered in 1967 that proves Joseph was a liar and a false prophet.

Joseph Smith bought some papyrus from a traveling Irishman and promptly claimed they were the writings of the patriarch Abraham. Joseph claims to have translated the Egyptian characters from the papyrus into the Book of Abraham, which is part of the Mormon scripture called the Pearl of Great Price.

Modern Egyptologist have examined the papyrus and conclusively stated that they are common funeral text known as the Egyptian "Book of Breathings," which were placed under a mummy's head upon burial.

Untranslated Book Of Joseph Papytus Scroll
Joseph Smith's explanation: "Writings of the biblical Patriarch Joseph."
Egyptologists' explanation: "Egyptian Book of the Dead scroll"

Joseph Smith did not even translate a single Egyptian character correctly. Joseph Smith left behind his Egyptian Alphabet and Grammar book showing which characters he translated into the verses in the Book of Abraham. In some cases Joseph incorrectly translated over 70 verses from a single character.

The evidence is conclusive and anyone who doubts this can examine the "little Sensen" papyrus for themselves. Egyptologist from the LDS church have completed a review and translation of the papyrus. However, the LDS leadership refuses to publish their findings because it would reveal the truth. The patriarch Abraham did not write the papyrus, and Joseph Smith faked the translation. Also the facsimiles Joseph interpreted do not represent Abraham being sacrificed. They contain references to Egyptian gods and the Egyptian preparations for the after life.

Facsimile No.1 Found in the Book of Abraham
Joseph Smith's explanation: "Abraham fastened upon an alter."
Egyptologists' explanation: "The Jackal-headed god Anubis is shown embalming the body of Osiris"

The facts are the picture depicts the mythical embalming and ressurectin of Osiris, Egyptian god of the underworld. Nevertheless millions have been deceived into joining the LDS church. They believe that Joseph Smith was a gifted translator. Mormons have also bought the line that they will someday become a god or goddess by working their way through the Mormon temple rituals.

The Mormon Jesus Was a Polygamist And Had Children

LDS apostle Orson Hyde: The Mormon Jesus celebrated his own marriage to "Mary and Martha, and the other Mary," at Cana of Galilee, "whereby he could see his seed, before he was crucified"

LDS apostle Orson Pratt: "When Jesus was born into our world, his previous knowledge was taken from Him. This occasioned by His spiritual body being compressed into a smaller volume than it originally occupied ... when this spirit was compressed, so as to be wholly enclosed in an infant tabernacle, it had a tendency to suspend memory"

LDS apostle Bruce McConkie: "Mormonism is Christianity; Christianity is Mormonism; they are one and the same."

Calling Mormonism Christianity is like saying Hitler was a good Jewish Rabbi that never hurt anyone. You can say it, but that doesn't make it so. Here is some of the LDS doctrine those Mormon missionaries on your doorstep don't want yo to know about.

  • There are an infinite number of gods in the universe.
  • God the Father was once a man like us.
  • Adam was God.
  • Adam and Eve did not sin but fell upward.
  • There is no Trinity, but three separate gods.
  • God and his Goddess wives live by a star called Kolob
  • Jesus and Lucifer are spirit brothers.
  • Jesus was a polygamist and had children.
  • Jesus atoned for Adam's transgression only, the rest of us need works.
  • The LDS church is the only true church.
  • All Protestants and Catholics belong to churches of the devil.
  • Christian Ministers are given instruction by Satan.
  • Those who fought most valiantly in heaven are born into Mormon families.
  • Those who were neutral in the heavenly war are born into Black families.
  • Mormons married in the temple will be exalted to gods and goddesses.
  • Only those who leave the Mormon church and are "born again" will stay in hell.
  • There are three degrees of heaven.
  • Works determine which heaven you go to.
  • Hitler and murders will go to a heaven.
  • The Garden of Eden was in the United States because Joseph said so.
  • Mormons are from the tribe of Ephraim
  • Mormons can hold the Aaronic and Melchizedek priesthood.
  • Large battles were fought with chariots and horses in the Americas.
  • Joseph Smith will stand in judgement of all mankind.
  • Mormon Magic underwear protects them from evil.
  • Joseph Smith translated golden plates by sticking his face in his hat.
  • God is through with the Jews, they have been replaced by Mormons.
  • New Jerusalem will be in Missouri.
  • Mormons can baptize for the dead.
  • Blood Atonement, the killing and shedding of someone's blood to save them.
  • The President of the LDS church is a modern day prophet.
  • No one, including Jesus, has done what Joseph Smith has done for God.

There you have it. One of the most bizarre, twisted and mixed up doctrines ever contrived and sold as "Christianity."

This overview does not tip toe around the issues. It strips away the decades of smoke and mirrors, revisionist history, and million dollar TV ads run by the LDS church. They have tried to sell Mormonism as a family centric Christian religion. But what is the truth? Mormonism is not Christian and Joseph Smith Jr. was a false prophet that has deceived millions. Mormonism's concept of family makes God a man, man a god, and Jesus a polygamist.

Some people say can so many people be wrong? Recruiting numbers does not make you right. Look at the billion or so that belong to other lost cults in countries like India and China.

To learn how to witness to a Mormon friend click on the "Challenge" button above.

Keep in mind that Mormons are told by the LDS leadership not to read any "anti-Mormon" books or literature. They consider everyone outside of Mormonism to have no authority in teaching the Gospel. For this reason it is very difficult to reach Mormons with the truth.

Mormonism is a cult, and all Mormons are lost souls. What a surprise it is going to be to all of the millions of Mormons when they realize they have been deceived. Godhood is not waiting for Joseph Smith Junior or for them in the after life. But hell is if they are not born again in Christ.

Mormons need our prayers.